Hi Kerryn,

I will be sad not to be dealing with you anymore. You have been the best real estate agent I have ever had. Thank you for making the last two years easy. Hope all goes well in your future.




Dear Kerryn,

Thanks so much for that, Barry is good about making sure it is an emergency if he is called out.

Thanks so much too for the work you have given us, and it’s also been a pleasure dealing with you. If only all Real Estates were as organised as you.

All the best for Christmas and the New Year, hope you have a break.


Allison Bright
Bright Plumbing



Hi Kerryn,

Thanks again for seeing us so promptly today.

It would be great if you could forward to us fee structure etc, and we can go from there.

Feel free to use those photos, they’re probably better than the ones I had.

Thanks so much for all the work you’ve done so far. You’ve certainly made the transition a lot smoother!




Dear Kerry

Thank you for your emails and the photos of Truscott place 😉 Sorry for my late reply.. we were out of the country and returned yesterday.

THANK YOU so much for all your hard work, it is much appreciated! It is always a great comfort to know you are looking after everything in such a wonderful way!

I’m very glad to hear that you got the next door property to rent also… 😉

Contgratulations on moving into the new office.. my wish is that the new year will be a great year – full of blessings for you, and the business!!

Kind Regards



Hi Kerry,

My apologies, I completely forgot to let you konw. But I have already found a rental property. So I will have to cancel our 10:30 arrangement.

But I must complement you on how organised and proactive you are in regards to arranging inspections etc…

Having dealt with a few agents over this period of looking for a rental, you are by far the most organised.

Thanks for your help




Hi Kerryn,

You are very kind indeed, and wishing you the very best.

During these worst time period in the market there are few things we can do. However your professionism impress me.

I’m a Christian, I will pray for you onwards definitely. If possible, let me know that at least I can include in my prayer.

TKS and I will notify you the settlement date. It has delay a bit by my banker.