Hi Kerryn,
We are very happy to provide the following reference 🙂

Repare Electrical has been working with Red Spot Realty for a while now and we find the staff to be very understanding. They provide full disclosure of all issues to enable us to complete jobs on time and with ease. This in turn helps with our dealings of tenants and owners to ensure the best outcome for both. We would highly recommend Red Spot Realty to owners and tenants alike for their sale/purchase and rentals needs.

Brigid Pare



Kerryn from Red Spot Realty has been amazing to work with, Always going the extra mile for land lords and Tenants. As a Plumbing company Kerryn has been great for us also. Gaining approval from owners in record time and never late in making payments. I can truely say that kerryn is a pleasure to work with.
Matt Carter,



“As a long term tenant I can’t recommend Kerryn from Red Spot Realty highly enough. Kerryn was always helpful and organized repairs when needed immediately. We had open lines of communication and Kerryn was always available if and when I had any questions. One of the best property managers I’ve ever had the pleasure in dealing with”.

Jane Harse – Murrarie



“My family and I met Kerryn while i was searching for a rental property.

It was important for me to find a rental that matched my family’s needs. The rental that we viewed with kerryn was perfect for us. Kerryn went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly from applying for the house right through to moving in. She made moving to a new home so much more easier for us.

Everything that was promised to us upon moving in has been done promptly and professionally. Repairs have been done promptly, we’ve never waited over a day for any repairs that have needed to get done.

I would recommend anyone to kerryn, whether it be renting a property or having kerryn help sell a home.

10 stars from myself and my family!”

Natasha Embrey – Logan Central



“Kerryn is an amazing and caring agent who not only cares about her clients but also ensures that their needs and wishes are met.

She also extends help if needed and takes personal interest and effort in ensuring that clients are well set up.

When requested for a fully furnished apartment, she was able to advocate for that and provide us with quality furniture that were new and
amazing looking. She is always prompt with acknowledging repair works and also great with prompt communication.

It would be unlikely to find any agent who truly cares and ensures the comfort of her clients.”

Divya Murugan & Amreet Kaur – Toowong



To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to recommend Kerryn Hanrahan as a potential property manager for your rental property.  I have known Kerryn as our property manager for four years and she has proven to be an approachable, helpful and highly competent professional and she has always been very timely in resolving any problems we’ve had with the unit.

Over the last four years several maintenance issues have arisen with the property and she has consistently arranged help for us straight after being contacted, with all issues being resolved immediately or within a few days. The qualified professionals that she arranges to attend issues are always experienced, capable and friendly.

Whenever she comes to visit our unit complex to resolve issues with other tenants here (there are five units at this property), she is always an absolute delight and makes sure we are happy and there are no issues with the property that need attention.

She keeps us up to date and has been consistent with emailing us our tenant ledger for our records and asking if there is anything else she can do for us.

We are friendly with our neighbours and they are also quite fond of her, and I have not heard any complaints from other tenants or our landlord about her professional conduct or character. We intend to renew our lease for another year and I am confident Kerryn will continue to ensure that the property is maintained properly and if any issues arise she will ensure they are resolved promptly.

Yours sincerely,
Sarah Marsh, tenant – Coorparoo



I first met Kerryn Hanrahan, the owner at Red Spot Realty, in April 2015 when I came to inspect one of the properties she was in charge of. She was very approachable, very professional and very helpful. I got approved as a tenant for the property, moved in the following week and it was smooth sailing for me ever since.

I’ve never had an agent like Kerryn before – she is no-nonsense, but very caring and compassionate. She is very non-intrusive and always quick to offer solutions to any problems that arise.   I never have to wait longer than a week for any repairs, even serious ones like an oven installation or a new water heating system. Minor repairs are done within a day or two from reporting.     As a long-term tenant (3 years and counting) I honestly have only good things to say about Kerryn and my experience with Red Spot Realty. I never want to rent through anyone else and I would wholeheartedly recommend Kerryn to my family and friends. She is the best! –

Joanna Marinic, long tern tenant for Red Spot Realty



Hi Kerryn,

I will be sad not to be dealing with you anymore. You have been the best real estate agent I have ever had. Thank you for making the last two years easy. Hope all goes well in your future.




Dear Kerryn,

Thanks so much for that, Barry is good about making sure it is an emergency if he is called out.

Thanks so much too for the work you have given us, and it’s also been a pleasure dealing with you. If only all Real Estates were as organised as you.

All the best for Christmas and the New Year, hope you have a break.


Allison Bright
Bright Plumbing



Hi Kerryn,

Thanks again for seeing us so promptly today.

It would be great if you could forward to us fee structure etc, and we can go from there.

Feel free to use those photos, they’re probably better than the ones I had.

Thanks so much for all the work you’ve done so far. You’ve certainly made the transition a lot smoother!




Dear Kerry

Thank you for your emails and the photos of Truscott place 😉 Sorry for my late reply.. we were out of the country and returned yesterday.

THANK YOU so much for all your hard work, it is much appreciated! It is always a great comfort to know you are looking after everything in such a wonderful way!

I’m very glad to hear that you got the next door property to rent also… 😉

Contgratulations on moving into the new office.. my wish is that the new year will be a great year – full of blessings for you, and the business!!

Kind Regards



Hi Kerry,

My apologies, I completely forgot to let you konw. But I have already found a rental property. So I will have to cancel our 10:30 arrangement.

But I must complement you on how organised and proactive you are in regards to arranging inspections etc…

Having dealt with a few agents over this period of looking for a rental, you are by far the most organised.

Thanks for your help




Hi Kerryn,

You are very kind indeed, and wishing you the very best.

During these worst time period in the market there are few things we can do. However your professionism impress me.

I’m a Christian, I will pray for you onwards definitely. If possible, let me know that at least I can include in my prayer.

TKS and I will notify you the settlement date. It has delay a bit by my banker.